Welcome to how to build Quadcopter

This guide will take you from buying all the parts of the building and learn to fly from Quadcopter in no time! The main point of this guide successfully education background with little or no hobby person how to build Quadcopter, and how to fly from Quadcopter.
Here is a tutorial
General Assembly to frame Quadcopter
Installation of motors and speed controllers
Installation of electronics
Flight Controller Setup
Budget support and mounting
Bullet connectors solder

Here is all the links to parts

If you don't want to use the frame listed, you can find more here. I also recommend getting the engines soniski.

Connecting transmitter and receiver ($ 54)
Frame ($ 18) link (or a different window?)
(Flight link controller ($ 99)
Power distribution board connector
4 betolida ($ 29) link
4 Motors (60)
Bind 4 prop adapters ($ 8)
Battery connection ($ 24)
Link charger ($ 23)
Adapter for any battery link
Display link ($ 10) power
Associating props ($ 3)
Tie the nylon spacers tall
Link short nylon spacers
Link 3.5 mm bullet connectors

Upgrade parts (more expensive but better quality)

ESC will cater you with firmware link
Engines with the best quality bearings vibration link below (you will not need converters 4 prop from hobby King)
High performance pillars (obtaining 8 x 5 and 8x5R)

drone build guide

build drone

how to build drone

Building the frame – Part 1Mounting the motors and speed controllers – Part 2Mounting the electronics – Part 3
drone guide

how to build drone

soldering drone

Flight controller setup – Part 4Prop balancing and mounting – Part 5Soldering – Part 6