UDI RC U845 Quadcopter with HD camera, A TON Of fun and Easy to Fly

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udi rc u84
  • HD WiFi Camera: Achieve real-time FPV by connecting with IOS or Android via quadcopter wifi real-time video transmission
  • Multiple AXIS Gyro:6 AXIS GYRO with posture control – Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.
  • Box contains: ● 1×U818A WIFI Quadcopter ● 1×Controller ● 1×3.7V×2 350mAh Drone Battery ● 1×USB Charger ● 1×SD Card Reader ● 1×Blades (4pcs/1 set) ● 1×Spanner ● 1×User Manual
  • Headless Mode: Fly the quadcopter just ignore the direction.
  • 360° flips To do 360°flip to forward / backward / left / right.
  • 2.4GHz LCD Controller. Read More Detail>>
udi rcu84

While many reviewers who claim that a drone difficult, good for beginners, and will be say that was true only if you've played your whole life video games, unless I fix computers. Because he still breaks easily, and you're going to want to replace engines and propellors very carefully. Got going is for about 90 seconds before he lost control and I landed softly in the tall grass while trying to avoid fixed crash near-this thing really moves fast. Rotor one shaved some grass, and that was enough to burn out the little engine and Nick to spotless soft plastic. So after a lot of searching online to find the parts and had to wait several weeks for new cars come from China.

I think there is now some available through Amazon which was a month ago. Today, I tried to fix. There is no easy way to replace rotor drive unit, forums, and a friend of his great hobby drones, tell me the engines on all these drones a little burn out easily, and have to be replaced often. There are 18 small screws that must be removed from the plastic housing to get the motherboard where the motor wires connect to a set of two pins pins are very fragile curvature all cars much like a small Fan connectors inside computers. Magnetic motors and the bolts want to stick it out instead of returning to the small holes. It's like trying to herd the ants. I've taken apart & put it back together 3 times now, trying to get the engine connector stick, I'm going to have to somehow seal in place in non-permanent way so it can be removed the next time the motor has to be replaced. At the same time you have to wonder how long it will last is a soft plastic screw holes before she signs off. There are eight little motors, one for each rotor. How many times can one put this back together again? It was very nice but I already see small plastic twine looped at the crews. Great design concept as possible there are guards around roundabouts & telephone interface and many features that make the theory are easier than others, that's why I give it 3 stars. But you need to make an easy replacement if the engines are very fragile. So I got to fly the drone $85 for 90 seconds, and spent two hours trying to fix it, and it's still in need of repair.
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After leaving this review, Alice, representing the seller Amazon United States Oxa Com, call me with useful tips for flying drones and telling me her company supplying parts to it, but she offered to send a car burning refused another roundabout show apparently normal operation for all drones and the seller's fault there are a few design challenges with all of them. I'd say that the seller really stand behind their product and I recommend you buy through them if you get into drones-excellent support.
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Updated as at 30 June-Alice has informed me that it will soon provide OXA United States replacement parts/cars through Amazon, they have a group on their way to me now. Again, excellent support. Reply to comment leaving regarding why not contact the manufacturer to replace the failed first car-I don't think a drone received the same defect. I think failure was my fault: landed in the grass, and apparently just "cut" the grass enough to cause cars to be a plus tax. My complaint was that there was no quick way to remove and reinstall these creatures sensitve apparently these engines drone, if must be replaced frequently, then it should be easier and less time consuming. But at least the kinetic communication in this form must not be soldered to replace them.