Thanksgiving drone Flight with U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone w/ HD Camera from force1RC

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  • First person view with VR headset compatibility: Watch live video for your journey from your iPhone or mobile device Android Smartphone with WiFi FPV feature.
  • Altitude hold function: super easy beginners drones to fly ": makes control a drone Breeze for novices and aerial photography. This is the ideal beginner drone with a lot of latest features normally found on higher end models.
  • One touch of takeoff landing: a drone hovering automatically after at set off, before landing, making it easy to control and maneuver, especially for beginners who remain unskilled.
  • Put the customization path-tracing the desired flight path on the screen of the mobile app will fly the drones along the way without help.
  • HD camera: capture high definition air 720 pixels and videos with 2MP camera; synchronize to your console to make life really for your flights!. See Detail>>

I've never shaved a drone or even witnessed one flown, this blew my mind. First of all this product was shipped very fast, and it was easy to put together. It took me about two minutes to put together that consisted of part of the controller to put 4 batteries in. Make sure that you have AA batteries 4; it's not included with purchase of drones. However, these include drones a bunch of extras such as a small screwdriver blades, portable power Bank charger for drones, 2 drone batteries, SD card reader, and a few other things. The instruction manual is straight forward and easy to understand.

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U45 Blue Jay is very easy to use I have no idea why I waited this long to get a drone. I love how durable and lightweight. I love how you put your Smartphone on the console and watch live video feed for your trip. Video footage and clear and amazing camera. They also shield to put on your Smartphone to prevent glare from obstructing your views. Flips 360 degrees is awesome! I'm very impressed with these drones. I can't wait to continue playing around with other features of these drones like putting custom path. Would make a great gift for teens and adults.

We love these drones! She is well built, light, can fly perfectly in the wind. She has many awesome features. Such as emergency landing (I had to use it a few times, since I am still adjusting her) I also hit some tall grass and stopped fans automatically. And also has a drone guards brobilar make sure it is not damaged. This is a definite plus for me. (My brother owned a drone really expensive that landed in the grass and burnt his motor.) This drone is ideal for beginners. Another great feature is the "lay hold of altitude, settles a drone at a certain height, and at this altitude until you can move the stick. Drone comes with an extra battery and extra fans 4 power Bank. So you can charge the battery while using the other. There are many other features I haven't tried yet but as soon as I do, I'll update the review. Once I'm perfectly comfortable with a drone, I post pictures to show quality (: I'm seriously in love with her, worth every penny, and then some!

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U45 drone great for recreational use, and easy to operate. We had the opportunity to examine our first flights with the camera is very good. Of course, reading the Manual:). Drones went quite high and we heard some gleams of the controller, indicates that returns a drone within range. We are approaching a group of 300. Also, charging the batteries quickly. One caution, and learn how to fly before you fly near trees!

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