Syma X5C HD Camera RC Quadcopter-Great Beginner Quadcopter

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syma x5c
  • Equipped with a high resolution camera.
  • Perform flips at the press of a button with avirsion 360 degrees and wind resistance and can be flown indoors or outdoors 6. spindle stability system ensures maximum stability during flight.
  • Precise and accurate journey time 7 100 charging time.
  • Please refer the user manual for troubleshooting steps. See More Detail>>
syma x5c

The best Quadcopter yet to get money! The attached picture shows koadkobtir particular about 200 feet or more. House on the left with the Orange roof on a hill about 75 feet above me and the transmitter and as you can see I'm way above that Cap. I hobsan Quadcopters, 2 helicopters, 1 with 2mp camera and without. I purchased x5c particular eBay seller who was in California, I don't "want to wait 30-45days from China. Seema came with landing gear attached, not need to install the blade guards I RC pilot Maven. I used one of the batteries already from my hobsan. Yes it works fairly well but the flight time less because they just 380ma. Particular X 5 flies great, better than hobsan x4 and is twice the size where you can see it better in heaven. Camera works great, the directions say to use the top right button but that is not true, especially X5c is newer model there is a slide button on the front panel, sliding it up to take a photo, sliding down to play the video. Avi files video 1280 x 720.

syma x5c

General impression:

Quadcopter this is a great little "game" for it's price R/C.

History (what I use it for):

I bought this product for my dad (a retired pilot) who has Parkinson's disease and heart (aortic valve replacement, etc), so you can imagine it's not coordinated or mobile anymore. However, that being said, I have a problem do not raise this in our fields. Thinking of buying this product is that it used to be heavily into R/C plane loop was built specifically to build aircraft (R/C airplanes). Before his health began to fade, his R/C aircraft flew daily (weather permitting of course) and often builds models for local clubs and aviation museums. However, after the first surgery, he was no longer able to fly with precision and he sold all of his aircraft (which can tell you broke his heart). Recently, I found this product and thought, what the heck, appears stable. And the reality is that if there is no wind and the trim is adjusted correctly. He originally opposed to attempt it, because he's afraid of crashing through his health symptoms, but after I made him take the controls finally fell in love with it. Can see spark ignite flame fly R/C. As such, priceless, great and stable product. To top it off, I pressed the button down to him to record his journey and was very impressed to see the farm from this point of view later on your computer. Always wanted to do it with his R/C aircraft but never got around to it.
camera drone

Quadcopter, I am not an expert by any means, but I flew a number of different models. Especially X5C-1 handle better and easier to fly than any of the entry level Quadcopters I flew. Such as Audi, and three U818A. It is fun to fly, and tolerant, and survived many incidents. However, since I bought the SIMAS, I now have two X5C-1s, they rarely fly in U818A. X5C-1 is more stable and easier to hover, and deals with the wind best and can survive some rough treatment. He will carry 808 Keychain camera if you want to upgrade the video, but will not fly well with Mobius or anything heavy. With a little practice, it can be flown in or out.

They can be equipped with a first-person view. I recently launched sbiktrom ultra micro FPV camera & VTX (SPMVA1100) click one of my X5C-1s and I'm getting some great video FPV through remote machine I mounted above the transmission. I recommend X5C-1 Quadcopter beginners!

syma drone

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