Syma RC Quadcopter, Potensic Premium Upgraded X5C-1 Syma RC Drone 2.4GHz CH 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter

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  • No FAA Registration: this quadcopter doesn’t require a FAA registration – Excellent for beginners and hobby users.
  • Better responsive control, flying experience and controlling feeling. 360°roll with one key, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. Using spread spectrum technology for further distance, best anti-interference ability, least power consumption.
  • High Quality Camera: enjoy good quality images and videos during flight with its 2 megapixels camera.
  • 6 Axis: for precise hovering in the sky, ultra-stable and reliable flight characteristics right out of the box.
  • What You Get: Potensic 1-Year Limited Warranty, Upgraded Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter, 2.4GHz Transmitter, Carrying Case, (4) Li-Po Batteries, (2) Spare Motors, (2) Landing Skids, 4GB Micro SD Card, USB Card Reader, USB Charging Cable, Battery Charger, (4) Extra Blades, User Manual.See Detail and Price>>
rc quadcopter

This must be a UAVs for first timers. I lost my first one in Forrest, Super stoked that I got a second unit of botinsik! If you are looking for a drone with "everything you'll need, that's what you want. Pat, cool props camouflage and most importantly to "difficult situations". Spend the money and get this package.

I spent about eight hours reading and watching videos to check out other models, based on user feedback to others, this model, I settled on this model, in this configuration. (Botinsik) Great system. He arrived earlier than expected. I'd never flown from chopper quad. I had set up and flying in my garage within a few minutes. The camera comes with a 4GB card with photo test 2 and 2 video test to show they have tested whether the camera is working or not.

Beautiful book explains how things work. Could stand to be a lot of work, but understandable. Is everything you need to start flying and filming, and having a lot of fun. It's very stable drone for cost. Case very lightweight, but even it's contents. Recommend this as the first time Quad copter for anyone wanting to get into the hobby with everything they'll need for good days flying. Ships of the United States.

Update: finally took him outside. The wind blows hard, and I figured I wasn't going to have much luck. As it turns out, it was very stable, and managed to make an address progress in the wind. I shaved almost an hour, and had a blast. In a football stadium, and flew from one end to the other. Enough, that I could not see the lights to see the way he was. I had to deliberately crashed it a few times to keep from losing it. Zero problems after each incident. Once it gets up to about 3 feet the wind take it away. If I kept less, was fine. The only problem so far have purchased Super three'nano 750 MAH, 3.75, 35-70 c discharging batteries. Once I plugged one in the charger that comes with the charger, melted. Maybe something can't be done, I don't know. Request a new charger from botinsik. I highly recommend this for pilots new Quadcopter

I bought this for my brother and included his video review of opinions. Long story short, this looks like a plane without a pilot is enough for beginners and is priced to match. Some points of the video and my discussions with him:
rc quadcopter syma

Battery life with batteries included and it seems that the average between 5-7 minutes. Bad camera quality and putting the likable with MIC next to the engines, making it impossible to hear anything but the drone. The build quality is extremely lightweight but has no "premium". Simple and easy Assembly.

Parts look to be easily replaceable if damaged.

Overall, it was fun from the perspective of a beginner and well worth the money is the price. Ultimately, it is likely more than a starting point for more serious and expensive aircraft, but still fun to play with.