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New Release: National Geographic Quadcopter Drone

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Easy to fly: design with kid-friendly and easy way to use the remote control, we have no big quad pilot for novice pilots! Auto-routing O1-control button allows you to take off and land and the implementation of 360-degree flips, while a built-in speed settings provide control and maneuverability.

30% longer trips: thanks to the rechargeable battery lipo premium, drone flies our kids up to 10 minutes on a single charge! Paired install 6 axis function High wait system, you can slip and sweat and rises through the air while maintaining a safe, stable flight. Full KIT: Do not trouble those trips, each helicopter drone comes with everything you need! You will receive a USB charging cable, landing gear and propeller four guards, as well as four spare propeller blades. For more comfort, Date FAA in the United States is not required.

High Quality: lightweight and developed expertise, we have no air pilot is one your family will love for years to come! Advanced technology and design help to resist permanent damage to the crash landing, while a group of 400 gave her control allows safe both at home and abroad.

100% satisfaction guarantee: When you are shopping with National Geographic, you join millions of happy customers who have chosen our award-winning! Each game drones comes with our guarantee a complete money. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the purchase.
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National Geographic quadcopter drone is the easiest drone flew than ever because of the feature "The situation is headless." That being said, it is hard to fly when the wind is blowing. This is a very quadcopter lightweight compared with others, and becomes a sail in the wind gentle breeze. I have tried hard overcompensating with trim, but unmanned landing bends when moving against the wind. When it is fully air This is very easy still to fly! If you're a fan quadcopter militants then this is not the one for you. This helicopter was built for beginners with auto slow speeds and features. Buttons are your cars take off / land button and face, and go home.

Feature automatically begins blades and lift off the ground and hover at an altitude of less in your next Control waiting for will take off. After take off you can see whether the drone needs to be trimmed. Mine tends to drift to the right inside and outdoors. Decors are not gradual and when pushed may cause overeating. Now, this is a good thing during a light breeze, but other than that watch your surroundings to change direction quickly. The helicopter is very sensitive to your movement of the sticks and respond immediately. Facial unmanned you can simply click on the "face" and then push the direction joystick in any direction. Pre-flop raise to rise, because the drone has a face very exaggerated. It will come down hard and then back up to return to the state of hovering.

The only feature that is found defective "home return." This feature says quadcopter to return the controller. This feature you see in the more expensive models, but since the wide range of this model is 400ft could help if it is out of sight. I do not recommend using it. In this video, and prove their return in my backyard. (I've tested in a very large field) and unmanned aircraft known to head in the opposite direction, but depending on the position of the back of the unmanned aircraft depends on the direction you backed up. For example: take off and fly forward. You can use the rotation of the throttle just a small part in the trip. Press the yield advantage and support in this situation which can make the return journey away from you. Since these unmanned aircraft does not have a GPS system is programmed to fly back when you press return.