Luxon Quark RC Quadcopter 4, Fun and Easy Drone

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luxon mini drone

  • 6-axis gyro keeps Quadcopter stable in all flying conditions 200-350 feet flying range.Fly this fun little drone anywhere-inside or out!
  • 3 speed settings and push-button 360 degree stunt rolls
  • 2.4-GHz radio system ,you don't worry about signal interference, and you can fly many of these simultaneously
  • Integrated propellers guards to protect both you & the quad from bumps while practicing your flying. See Detail and Price >>
luxon mini drone

This drone was very small blade protectors (that is needed) cool button on the controller that turns into a stunt mode. It's $24.99 price value, this price it offers good performance. It comes with extra blades, controller, mini drones, battery charger. Go about 5-6 minutes on a single charge under my crazy. It took about an hour to charge it up from when I took it out of the box, not bad! Receive a fair and comprehensive review discount. I like the small size of these drones. It is easy to pack up and fly in someone's House, or traveling with and has some stress relieving fun!

I flew just inside, and I noticed that I needed to make adjustments a few pieces to get it to fly real good. There is authority to get them up in the air had got so much into the full charge, you can notice at the last minute or until it has reduced the aviation authority, but also low battery warning flashes so don't just turn power off and crash. I would recommend not flying it outside if there is no wind or rain or inclement weather of any kind. It's small and light way to do that with these drones. It's fun for anyone 6 and even fly. Makes you feel like a little kid again!
luxon mini drone

He punctuates this little drone so cool. I have to mention it's not full-sized drone, which I already know but I want to be clear to others reading this. I read through a lot of drones and parade this past Christmas and had a hard time figuring out what to buy. So I waited. But my brother bought one (more expensive) but it does not compare to this little beast.

Even fits these drones in the Palm of my hand. Seems to be constructed with quality materials. We've already run into walls a few times and it's still going. When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised that they came with wheels and wings for additional drone. It also came with batteries for the remote control. Bought this for my little girl on her birthday, but once she opened her present her father took. Lol. He swears he's just trying to teach her but I think he's in love with the plane itself. At least I know what to get him for his birthday.
luxon mini drone

Anyway, once everything is ready to got the wings start spinning a little led and she's ready to go. Is so cute dots. My husband is flying around the House with my daughter stalked all over the place. So smart. Keep he's trying to fly from the head guy and it puts some power. It really puts a lot of air. And knowingly after awhile start keeping them steady and really wanted to do. It takes a bit of practice. I will suggest you use it outside, not in the House and ran into a few things when we first run. Anyway, I compare this to my brothers battery lasted the same amount of time, about 7 minutes. But this one just 30 minutes to recharge! That's amazing. ((My brothers takes 4 hours)) I really think that this was the easiest to use, and better control. Anyway if this item is worth every penny. I see this as a big League experience for my husband and my daughter.