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knock your rival out of the sky using Air Wars Battle Drones 2.4 GHz - 2-pack

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air wars drone

  • Battle with your remote controlled flying quad copter drone against an opponent to see who falls out of the sky, first!
  • 4 Attack Moves: Tornado Attack, 360 Spin Attack, Circle Attack, Ram Attack
  • Customizable weapons to help take down your rival
  • Durable framing and propellers enclosed for safe play
  • Includes 2 drones, 2 remotes, 10 weapons, 2-3.7v rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries, charging cables, and 8 replacement propeller. See Detail and Price >>
air wars drone

This is fantastic and the price is very good. I would like to view these stars 5 quality and function was only slightly better. Here's the details, we had a couple of different RC helicopters/drones. 1 of drones works great can fly my son because 5 to 10 minutes with her and never trouble 80-90% of the time. The other had problems since first time flying. Thank God it's not one he chose "him". You take one with problems that started having problems pairing, as the instructions and it will auto off, after several attempts, it finally worked. When flying in beginners, I tried to make slight movements and adjust the settings. Some time, it's a natural response, but over time it will continue to move even when it wasn't dealt with controls. Once it gets going often difficult to correct without crashing.
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Erratic flight caused a broken fan in the first day. Good thing it came with. In the same incident broke part of the framework that keeps the engine rigged to the outer edge. Is likely to be easy to fix with a DAB of glue, but the plane flew right in the first place, it won't be a problem. Another issue that they seem both to be sometimes versus time and battery life. Him a lot less, but can charge fees for some time and fly only a minute or two. I will be the timing of flights in the future to check and make sure.
air war drone

This is by far the best game drones we've ever owned! If you are looking for a drone that will not break easily, and is extremely durable, this! After a lot of money spent, and break a lot of drones, very impressed with this product! It's not great for fighting with a friend, just great to fly yourself! 10-year old son absolutely loves this thing! I would definitely say this is meant more for older kids, as it requires some skill to steer and control the drones. After several attempts, my son is now a pro at direct and accurate landing at desired locations.
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These drones are equipped with small plastic weapons that you can attach to either side of the drone which help in the process. My only complaint would be that small arms do not keep that great but that takes nothing away from using flying drones. The goal of these drones battle to knock your opponents without a pilot on the ground first. You can see why durability is amazing! There are several different attack mode buttons where drone may speed up, spin, etc.
air war drone

They fly very smoothly, and the way it was hovering in the air looks amazing! They both come with their own USB charging cord, but the adapter that you plug into the wall are not included. It seems to keep the charge for about 3 hours of flight time. My son and his friends prefer to fly the drones on for fighting them. However, they have fun with it both ways. All in all, I will buy this for family and friends for sure! It's a lot of fun and I think we're going to get a lot of these flying hours! Did I mention how durable these drones?! :)