UDI U818A-HD 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 AXIS Headless RC Quadcopter w/ HD Camera, Extra Battery and Return Home Function by UDI RC

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Charging time: 120 minutes
Flying time: 6-9
Remote control operating range: about 50-80 meters.
Video transmission range: 30 meters

What you get: 1 * U818A fi kwadkobtir FPV RC with camera 1 * 2.4 GHz controller 2 * 3.7 v 700mAh Lipo batteries 1 * battery charger 1 * 4 GB microSD card. 4 * spare propellers * 1 user manual

Important tips:
1. suitable for pilots aged 14 years or older (please follow the instruction manual carefully)
2. This kwadkobtir strong engines, responds. Don't push hard braking directly. Adjust the throttle slowly to avoid damage caused by loss of control
3. motors and circuit board may heat up with use. Take a break 10 minutes cool between flights to ensure your parts can last as long as possible.
4. to avoid being burned up "USB charger", should be used under the input currents 0.5 A
5. kwadkobtir weight less than 0.5 lb, so does FAA registration required

FPV tips:
1. fly a drone within 30 meters video control group;
2. higher recommended Smartphones: iPhone6/6s/7, Samsung S6/S7/Note7;
3. close other applications on your phone, allowing the application to run more fluently; drone.

Real time images can be frozen on the app or evolution, but recorded videos saved in TF card and Smartphone fluently, please don't worry.

"Further accessories, please search ASIN below: Cars: B01DK6Z32U
Batteries: B01G2YQXE4 & B01FS65SOI
Feathers: B01DK74Q1S
Remote control: B01DK78K7Y
Blade guards:

This "debbouir" drones is "awesome"! My fiance and daughter and myself. And it was a lot of fun with this. The main thing we run into problems with a little Our wind but it makes it more difficult when you can keep them flying. I love how you can install the application on your phone and view live what plane is videoing. The app is debbouir/RC in the app store and downloaded it immediately once connected By putting my WiFi on my phone. There are many different modes of these drones.

1. the headless mode: This allows you to operate drones without worrying about orientation. 2. major function return: pressing this button will bring the drone back to where you were. 3. the tariff situation: this will allow you to control a drone with your phone. 4-360 * hottie: your drones might be 10 feet off the ground to operate correctly. And this function Allows you to do flips in the air. Be sure to use the throttle when you do this, or will he dive into the ground.

Hand control unit is easy to operate. You even handle and throttle handle down readings. You can easily change modes while in flight just by clicking a button on the controller mode. You can record videos and photos using the SD card is still small, there are USB card This reader allows you to view on your computer. It comes complete with these drones 2-3.7 v "batteries Lipo" 700mAh, USB charging cable to charge the batteries, Allen wrench, Screwdriver and extra blades and white plugs-ins, sunshade for your phone to Block the glare. When the mixture starts to get low and the alarm will start beeping. It takes about 1 hour for a full charge, and it will work for 20 minutes on a full charge. It is an excellent building. We have Was it bounce into the road, and the ground and out of the tree and all of them have been any damage. My phone (MOTO x 2015) fit the bracket securely.