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Best Quadcopter Drones for Sale with HD Camera LED Lights Green Drone BONUS BATTERY 2X FlightTime

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This fantastically fun helicopter! Quick and easy to learn how to use them.

Two of the characteristics.

1) guards on feathers is a great help. When you land funny, it really save the codes.

2) basic instructions ridiculously. Not sure if it was written by someone who is not fluent in English, but we were able to figure it out. It does not address the camera at all. You'll be able to figure out where to attach the camera before the removal process (below), and a large USB has one of the USBs small inside that goes to the camera (I'm sure there are real words to those pieces that don't know!).

3) video/grainy picture quality as other reviewers said, but honestly, it's not too bad. Camera featherweight, so you won't get crystal clear digital quality. But awesome nonetheless.

4) it's too big. Be sure to note the measurements of the unit. It creates a good bit of wind noise buzz will drive you crazy if you used in a small space. He wants.

5) battery lasts about 15 minutes. When you've gone, gone. But from a Flash to give you a heads up that Mitt. Very useful. 6) perhaps the most comment. This does not fly outside on a windy day! In between there are lightweight, Hama blade wide open, and it's ability to go really high and really now, combining and trust me...if you are travelling it is very close to the trees, it will end up at the top of one. In fact, I'm looking in our country now. Up to 150 feet. Forever caught in the branch. It's super fun while it lasted. My son says he will rearrange once he even saves his money again.

Final comment. We had a snafu with shipping. Within 15 minutes of contact seller, called local post office to resolve the situation. We had our package after 30 minutes. I can't say enough good things about responding to the seller.

This drone was very easy for my daughter to see twin fly. Each sink in them and managed to fly them at the same time. Both of them got by flying drones in the first couple of minutes and flew them all. Flight time was easily 15 to 20 minutes. 1 the drone did not burn their cars shortly after the start of flying after recharging the battery first and that's where I needed to review this seller.

Vendor review: 1 after placing my order, I received an email thank you seller complete with link to video about how to use the pdf format document and remote. This video was very helpful for me. Watch it before the arrival of the package is great because then you're not inclined to ignore it and try to figure it all out yourself before time (that's what my daughter did anyway). As mentioned above, 1 drone car burning outside soon after little more than a 20-minute flight. My daughter wanted to return it. I did take it apart and look to see if a wire came loose, but haven't noticed any problems.

Submitted to the Amazon to return the machine my daughter wished and agreed to return immediately. It also sent an e-mail message also to the seller asking about where to buy cars before the restart. Surprising to me, answered the owner the next morning with a view to sending me 2 cars and how to replace it. I've really liked the professional level of emails while also coming across as very caring customers. I know that if I was trying to decide between vendors for any purchases in the future, I will always buy Mike Quintana.

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