Mini Drone REALACC Cheerson CX-10WD Mini Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera High Hold Mode 2.4G 6-axis Remote Control Nano Quadcopter RTF Mode Switch (Grey)

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This neat Quad Nano is packed with exciting features which you imagine could not contain kwadkobtir. Has got hold of height and FPV WIFI system inside. Well, perfect for some BlackOps spy missions? ;)

First and foremost I would like to commend kurirson to recreate the physical console after that was missing the last two models are CX-10W. Not only brought it to the actual console, but they add a special touch to it. As we saw in the video unboxing promotional video, featuring a room capable of accommodating Quad Nano itself. Well really this is not a new feature and some other manufacturers have adopted earlier this feature. But bypassing them in one side that Carson is able to extend transmitter. Bygone days where people are deprived of big hands like mine to enjoy maximum Nano occupied experience. In this model can actually adjust the width of your transmitter to your liking.

Now lets move to the aviation aspect, do they fly? Overall a decent pilot. No pilot Super Sport but make sure packs a lot of power in the engines. You can hear the engines ROAR too loudly when it airborni to maintain the flying koadkobtir. And pitch rates and Yao's a bit lacking in my opinion. There should be programmed more angle and Yao fastest rate this would be more fun piece of hardware. Please note that when shooting this video, weather permits outdoor atmosphere Quartet. Strongly do not recommend people to fly this quadrilaterals in extreme wind conditions and will have a hard time cutting through the wind and carries a high risk of being blown. No pilot and night lights are not bright enough.

Altitude hold works fairly well this quadrilaterals. To land in my opinion it's programmed quite suddenly by Carson. A tad too rough landing programming did there. I would suggest using the elevator to reduce rising Quartet slowly and then use Earth vehicles on Earth since the Quartet will be less rough. The camera quality of this Quartet is decent. Overall I think this is a decent pilot for beginners wishing to enter some Nano FPV experience flying.

For the price and size of this, it was a bit cautious when ordering it, but the plane kwadkobtir CX-10WD Carson mini great with HD camera. When I pull it out of the box and see a drone inside the console, it looks awesome but very small.

This is a drone RTF (ready to fly) that didn't get a lot of drones that cost much more than that. This means it's ready to fly right out of the box. All you need to do is install the batteries in the controller (which you provide) and run the wekoadkobtir console and you are good to fly the first time if you know what you are doing one flew by. If not, get a little confusing between the controller and your phone and various methods you can use, but if you play with it enough, you can find out. They pass the exam RTF, but remember, you get a little bit of time to fly less in the first time to charge the battery completely.

I really like this comes with one button taking off and landing. I have another small unmanned Anne was and is a bit trickier with takeoffs and landings. Even with the off button and auto height advantage, cannot get this thing much easier to fly to begin with. Controls in the somewhat sensitive controller and you only need to move them very little to get what you want to do.

This takes about half an hour to charge (which is great), and feel like I have got way more than four minutes if flight time every time. It's not very long but it's fun while you're doing it. I took it outside with no problems but are close, it gets hard to see from a distance, it would be real easy to lose if it crashed when you exit the site. I find it easier to actually see the colors at the bottom to see which way forward than trying to figure out a way to refer to the camera.

HD camera and camera work fine what is designed for. I'm sure that everyone who bought this to play with and don't take HD movies and documentaries. A 2.4 GHz radio, where you have to connect to your phone and use the application you have to download to be able to watch and record any of the pictures or videos. You don't need to fly, just turn the camera if you want to use it. When using the camera, reducing the time to fly, as if leaving a full time job, but you should try it and test the first person view.

They recommended putting the aerial camera in portrait orientation, away from koadkobtir used to get the best reception for your phone. I tried it a couple of time and had no problems but really tested it while holding it in kwadkobtir or having it sit on something while I was taking pictures and video with it. It takes really good pictures or videos to a small camera. Impressive little camera.

This koadkobtir first person view and a lot of kwadkobtirs the most expensive thing doesn't come up with. This means you can see what the camera sees in flight. That helps to know what you're filming or taking photos, as well as where you're flying and facing the kwadkobtir method when it gets too far if you can't see the camera anymore. That really is not up to date with this little kwadkobtir.

I think this is a nice little kwadkobtir everyone enjoys there. Ask for extra blades and blade guard, they haven't arrived yet, but haven't needed them yet. So far so good. I crashed it lots of times and nothing has broken and it's still working. This thing is a lot of fun for the size of this little thing. Both adults as well as children love flying this thing.

On a side note, I'm not sure what the battery bag because this battery inside the plane and cannot be taken out or changed. Maybe if you have another drone contains extra batteries? I think this is just a nice gift that they gave us to buy this?

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About the Product
  • Transmitter & Mobile Phone Dual Operating Mode
  • WIFI mode, support IOS/Android, you can scan QR code to get the APP
  • With HD camera, can take video and pictures
  • Supporting mode switch, you can switch between mode 1 and mode 2
  • With high density air presure sensor , which can precisely hold the height, stable and easy to operate