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Mini Drone MOTA Jetjat Ultra Drone with One Touch Take-Off & Landing, White

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Unprecedented features before "dropping the minimum skills to drones to" anyone who wants to fly. " Ready to hover flight able throw will make anyone these drones drone pilot experts within minutes. Let your friends try plane game latest from there, or even let Grandma fly around the House. We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the journey of a drone at its best, and we have succeeded with ULTRA gitgat.

Small but powerful magic!

Ultra think small? Think again! This deceivingly small drones to perform stunts like no other drones, and super easy to control. Amateur girlfriend! Switch to develop aviation experts and maneuver around those tight turns at high speed!

One touch! Throw it in the air, or let them "hover cars!"

Capture images and video, stream from a perspective not possible before! Impress your friends with a volatile atmosphere! You can implement this end engineered advanced unmanned commercial stunts right from the Palm of your hand!

Switch on the side gears up a drone, just throw it in the air, and you're ready to go! Ultra makes flying easier than ever with a touch of take, landing, and hover cars. Pilot expert in minutes!

Connect to your Smartphone via WiFi, and use the new livestream mode to fly in first-person view. Your pilot drones right from your phone or switch to view and use it with a remote control!

A drone with auto hover lets you focus on the flying experience. Silvis shoot confidently at the push of a button. Take photos and videos and share them with friends and family instantly from any device.

MOTA Jetjat Ultra Drone with One Touch Take-Off & Landing, Black $109.86Cek
MOTA Jetjat Ultra Drone with One Touch Take-Off & Landing,White$105.88Cek

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experience first Class Flight with auto Landing, takeoff and Hover with the push of a button.