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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training

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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini

1. "headless" aviation system directs flight kwadkobtir controller (instead of always on ' header in the drone "), makes it more fun to fly and easier to master
2. low intervention technology 2.4 GHz
3-6-spindle system stability for sudden moves recovery effort and stunts
4.0-wind resistance
5. control range: 30-50 meters.
6. flying time: 6-8 minutes.
7. charging time: 60 to 80 minutes (under current entry 0.5 A-1 A)
Important tips:
1. suitable for pilots aged 14 years or older (please follow the instruction manual carefully)
2. This kwadkobtir strong engines, responds. Adjust the throttle slowly to maintain control
3. motors and circuit board may heat up with use. Take a break 10 minutes cool between flights to ensure your parts can last as long as possible.
4 USB charger-should be used with input current under 0.5 A, or you can use the upgraded battery charger (ASIN: B00QHUONLE)
5. kwadkobtir weight less than. 5 lb, so does FAA registration required
Headless mode

Headless mode brings much more confidence for beginners and small children.

3D roll

6. spindle technology makes it possible for the excellent performance of flips and rolls with a simple button. Hold the stick right to the performance of each cold rolling in any direction.

3 different media speed "for beginners to more advanced pilots. Super fast at top speed to quad.
Colored LED lights make it easy to select the front and back so make great night bulletin Quartet.
The package includes:
1 x Quadcopter
G 1 x 2.4 remote control (batteries not nklodid)
1 x 350mAh lithium ion 3.7 v
4 x additional rotor blades
1 x USB charging cable
1 x screwdriver
1 x user manual

This Quartet is way awesome! Crazy fast and responsive and extremely stable. I love this Quad lots and "gem" send me one to test and I bought another one after I shaved it 3 times! It's so much fun to fly.

So it's 3 quickly and changes of Yao with each rate. In very low docile and Yao is too slow. Although this is great for beginners and at high rates and average rates this little monster Quad! Yao still fill slow but the pitch more than makes up for that. Because it's deep in high pitch, it can turn on a dime even with Yao slower. This quad is partial. Very fast and fun!

This camera has no Quartet or any extra weight keep them again. And a rocket at high and still very controllable. It's a nice light bulbs, under body is white, it makes a great night newsletter! (Check out my YouTube channel for night flight videos!)

Travel time is large, with about 8 minutes. Texas is a bit strange but sticks feel great and has really good range.

Generally this is me kwadkobtir "gem" your favorite and one of my all time favorite game class flyers ever! Recommended for any level of ability.

The videotape some flying quickly. Please check out my YouTube channel for more aviation videos and reviews that many molterotors more! Thank you.

Tons of fun for everyone. This amazing Quartet. 3 different ways for beginners to more advanced flyers is really a lot of fun to fly. Last week the past was about to many friends and they were mostly new to aviation. He also holds after countless shipwrecks. -You haven't bent until sind. It is very stable and responsive and the lights on the bottom is bright enough to learn front and back roads away. This quad can be indoor or outdoor and it's very quick at top speed. Recovery of volatile and very very fast. I recommend 100%, you won't regret it!


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