Drone UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone Headless Mode with HD Camera, VR Headset, Battery and Power Bank

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Bottom line: I'll give these drones 3.6 out of 5. Well the argument drone with FPV camera spectacular.

Below is a comprehensive break down of the product:

Shipping and packaging-packaging industry drones that prevents any damage during transit and was appropriately sized box. It was open and easy discharge. Everything was clearly visible and easy to remove.

Extras-was very surprised with the little extras that came with. And battery power Bank bonus was a nice touch too. Power Bank came very handy while keeping the phone charges while using FPV mode. It also came complete with a memory card 4 GB SD to take photos and videos with.

Drone construction and durability-at first sight, I felt a little concerned with the appearance of the Audi. The motherboard seems to be covered by the piece (not annexed) light battery wires and plastic exposed exposed wire to control motor runs through thin plastic tubes, motor connection box. Blade guards even gave pause for concern. But surprisingly impressed with design and toughness after taking it for several test flights (major accident) in various circumstances. Blade guards are now my new favorite. Not only do they protect better blades in drones like particular (and one of my favorite drones of history). Designing these guards also help this cat like Earth drones on her feet (nearly all the time.) it's based on the face without a pilot if he finds himself upside down without the help of feathers.

Air operations-because these drones light weight can be a little hard to deal with sometimes. I would describe it a little bit for squirrely and is one of two reasons I would class this as a medium class unmanned aircraft. It's very fast and fun to fly. However, it does not address the wind very well at all! It seems even the air inside my house thrown for a loop. I had to do a test flight a few minutes each time before flying to major adjustments to trim. Ultimately, it is a few minutes away from the battery and enjoy. I found a job "back home" only worked if the plane was within 100 feet. Headless mode display no real issues. "Stunt" and "mode 2" (high speed) works as expected.

Controller-this is where you lose these drones. The controller was not what I was hoping for, she struggled to hold my phone no matter the size (and Yes I use multiple phones). Touch response is not pleasing at all. The most frustrating part is that there is no option or still image capture start video using only the console. He was implying that the only way to instruct a drone to start by phone and FPV function.

FPV-this is the second reason I would klasivi any drone as an intermediate category. FPV is very hard work and get to use. I would not recommend a drone FPV for someone just starting out. Now.. These drones have FPV function. That was hard work. Between communication and distance constraints make it more difficult to use. I tried to use it inside the House, and found that by the time you can follow the camera close to the wall I've already crashed head on it. I tried again in a big field. Unfortunately even the slightest wind will these drones outside the wireless range of the phone (I will lose control over the whole.)

Camera-the camera on these drones is amazing! It took some really amazing footage. Unfortunately it is very difficult to take pictures for a number of reasons. First, this thing is struggling to hold the height and position. Secondly, the lagging Wi-Fi between the aircraft and the phone will lead us to miss a lot of shots. Finally, the capture button displays at the top of the phone. This means you will have to remove your hand from the controls, press the button. Doing so will cause the drone to drop or fly. To capture some of these pictures and I had to get my wife's help. Give her control over the phone (and the ability to take pictures) when I tried to operate the drones.

Price-this drone is very fun to fly and has some features are a great idea. However, these defects make it a little hard to swallow spending $ 140 even with extras included.

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