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Drone Potensic Premium JJRC H8D RTF RC Quadcopter with 2 Megapixels Camera, 5.8 GHz FPV Monitor LCD

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Set this case amazing, well thought out and packaged. Everything you need to fly FPV video taken with extras to keep flying longer.

First issue. Nice, sturdy reinforced with metal edges and foam padding inside. I really like this case, it can fit more easily occupied without change or can be adjusted to fit almost any. Then there are all the Extras inside the case. 3 batteries, charging cable to charge the batteries up to 5 at a time, 2 spare Motors full 5.8 GHz receiver screen, and additional props, 4 GB sd card, card reader and plug wall adapter. Everything fit neatly inside the case with cutouts for everything!

Last, but certainly not least there H8D Jurek awesome itself. I love a H8 (H8, H8C, H8D) all Quad himself with different cameras but all amazing fly! H8D is an awesome flyer with the added bonus of 5.8 g FPV added. There is no delay at all with this quads FPV because spectrum. You can use any FPV goggles with this Quartet, as well as using the screen included. Sun screen pop up open and the picture quality is really good. The range as far as he could go, and I've had about 300 meters and video never lost, or control.

The only negative I have the camera doesn't have a wide angle lens. Even flying in FPV only can get a little tricky. I didn't feel that this was enough to lower rate though.

The camera also records at 720 pixels and gets very little to no effect Jello. Awesome awesome foursome flying with it's large and bright lights. Bulletin of the night for sure!

Overall this is a great issue and quad group H8D awesome in any deal. Strongly recommend to any level of the pilot.

I'm going to start off by saying that we didn't have flown, or know anything about drones before buying it. I'm going to tell you what I think just, cannot be compared to anything I have owned before. Let me start by saying I was impressed when I open my son's birthday. Her well packaged, and have a place for everything. And came with batteries 3, 2 spare parts for cars, and shipper of course, extra props, even a screwdriver to attach the prop savers, (crate things more props). When did we get everything we charged, was the first successful trip, and I think if I ever had anything radio controlled by taking it fairly quickly. Has taken some hard landing/crash and held no notable damage prop, no scratches pretty tough little drones.

I didn't see anywhere in my search to recommend flying in just under 2.5 had got wind, I saw why, really light and light, and prone to wind, which is probably just a drone feature I think. We have 50% power, adjustable to your skill level and seems exceptionally fast for me. We can get about 9 minute flight times, give or take. I'd say the camera lens could be better, or maybe more than a fish-eye type thing, but other than that the picture was great and even better video. I wasn't impressed with the home button which is supposed to return without a pilot, and it went a bit "crazy" when I tried it, I'm probably something I did wrong, but that wasn't coming back, I panic, take control again and immediately crashed, lol. I couldn't have made the bottom line, and about 6 times, best buy for the first drone. For the price, I don't see how you can beat it for what you get. I love it as much as my son

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