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Drone For Sale Syma X5HW WIFI FPV Quadocpter With Camera 2.4G 4CH 6Axis High Hold Mode Remote Control Quadcopter Drone RTF Mode 2 (Green)

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I love flying drones/kwadkobtirs. Is something I get a lot of enjoyment, and I'm always looking for new planes to play with. Even when I had a chance to capture this particular little X5HW jumped on the opportunity. When I opened the box I was surprised to see that everything is a bit bigger than expected (from the pictures I've seen).

I love the color green, black feathers and blade guards and cute to look at. It was easy to assemble and everything went together as expected. When I had it all put the battery gone, download the app from the store play (also supports ios), install it on my phone so can suffer from FPV. The camera is WiFi so you will have to contact the particular broadcast WiFi in order to watch the video from the camera. But easy to do.

(It's just like your network connection at home). Once you are ready to go and start props and lift off! This drone is very easy to fly if you ever fly a drone before, first time I will raise this in no wind outside or inside some practice time to get the feel and the hang of it. You sure you want to install the blade guard insert, it will save your fans than most bumps and bruises. Pretty fun flying drones, and they respond to your input and camera makes even more fun when you can record video or capturing cool pictures from above. Nice remote (batteries not included) there is a mount to hold your phone. Especially a very good name in the drones and they did not dissapoint with this little bird. Has a ton of different features including, headless mode and altitude hold (holds the helicopter at a certain height, great for beginners) and FPV (first person view). I can't say enough good things about this little guy. Takes about 90 minutes to charge the battery and lasts about 7 minutes (maybe you'll need to arrange a couple spare batteries). Again if you are newbie takes some time and practice in your home or in your garage before taking this off, if there is any wind at all and you don't know what you're doing, you're probably going to lose the roof tree or someone. Overall I like it. Another big chopper from particular!

When you shop on Amazon I depended heavily on other peoples reviews to help me make the right choice on what to buy and not to buy. I'm rely on the honesty of other people to help me make wise choices when buying items here at Amazon. That in turn will always make sure to leave an honest opinions on products that review if I get them at a reduced price, or pay full price. Try to give as much detail as possible as I can without being long winded. If you have any questions for me on something not mentioned please ask and we will respond quickly. I received this sweet little drone at a discounted price in Exchange for my honest unbiased review. I love Milo!

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