Drone DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter w/ 4K HD Camera & Gimbal + 2 Extra Batteries (Total: 3 batteries)

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Fun and easy to fly, and it takes a bit of time to set, if your not dronii take some time to get familiar with it before flying. I'm glad I got 3 batteries, and so far works flawlessly. YouTube used to prepare. "this great man and much of the YouTube vids 4 Phantom, DJI can do better in the Guide come with the unit, you can download online directory like most things you buy now days, like telling you to charge the controller and batteries until the lights go out, they just tell you to charge them fully, how are you also assume to know when is the full freight, YouTube great agin. Get the right panel is the biggest problem, I bought a Samsung model S2 T713 by robot with WiFi and GPS and no cell service. The seller was 4 Phantom azii out of Los Angeles, sent in a large box that was well packed and has a new battery packs in boxes sealed never opened sealed cargo box from China with box 4 Phantom never opened sealed inside, open the box and look for the unit, and he alone, can tell you

Large drone of DJI!

I ordered 4 Phantom DJI with two extra batteries, and it came on time and in full.

After updating the firmware, batteries, fully charged, and I watched some YouTube videos I felt I was ready to go. The firmware is very easy to update now iPad or your iPhone. I have other DJI products inspire 1, Ronin, Osmo and delusional first and they're all easy to use and works very well. 4 Phantom DJI is the easiest to put together and fly, but more than 1. One simple person to run and shoot, you can't beat 4 Phantom. I don't want to formulate, especially unboxing features and all the other great things people say, but I really like 4 Phantom DJI. I've had no real problems with anything so far, is battery life approximately 23-25 minutes, far more than my inspiration. Rock steady shots, the images also good under good lighting conditions. I fly nearly every day, to practice so I can get really good at shooting big shots. I see myself using 4 Phantom, dolly shots, Pocket shots, tracking shots and save a lot of time setting up the camera.

4 Phantom's great, if you don't need a big rig or camera to pull focus, or do not have time and money to hire serious cinema platform. After five minutes I was flying and shooting some great stuff. Is best, simple, one rig!

Item arrived as advertised, everything works great. I find it easy 4 Phantom air (I had flying RC for years) and using different apps available, the Tablet using the NVIDIA shield Tablet K1 also got from Amazon. They both worked together well, no problems. After 3 batteries great addition. Take the time to recognize the hardware and software-a lot of tweaks you can do (gimbley adjustment for example). You can answer a lot of the issue in the app (s). Glad I finally got these drones (look @ Hurricane h), I can tell already you will be getting much enjoyment. If you are a pilot of the Rotterdam Convention, this would be an easy learning curve for you. I was flown in tons of different planes, RC drone feels slow but respond in comparison, super easy to fly. I think the new pilot would be able to deal with any problem-take the time to learn to fly without depending on the GPS and it will be the best pilot in the end.

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This Item Includes:

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft
- Gimbal
- 4K Camera
- Remote Controller (Transmitter)
- 4x 9450S Quick Release Propellers
- 4 Spare Propellers
- 3x Intelligent Flight Batteries (Total: 3 Baterries)
- FREE Battery Charging Hub - Flight Battery Charger
- AC Cable for Charger
- Gimbal Clamp
- USB OTG Cable
- Micro
-USB Cable
- 16GB microSD Card Avoid obstacles automatically.
Track moving subjects automatically using ActiveTrack.
TapFly lets you fly with a tap of the finger.
Smart Return Home allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns home.