DBPOWER X705C FPV 3D Function 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Quadcopter RC Drone with 0.3 MP Camera for iOS and Android

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DBPOWER X705C FPV 3D Function 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Quadcopter RC Drone with 0.3 MP Camera is a great beginner quadcopter. Not to big, not to small at 15 inches at the widest point with propeller protectors installed. You receive the drone, one rechargeable battery, charging cable, 4 extra propellers, the propeller guards (screws needed to install these), small screwdriver, hand remote controller and great directions in English. You do have some assembly to do but not much. You need to install the propeller guards, the landing feet and the phone mount on the hand remote for your phone. All super easy, you get the screwdriver needed and the rest is just snapping together. All this only took me about 5 minutes and I am not that good at it either. You will need 4AA batteries to operate the remote control that are not included.

This is a 2.4G, 6 axis quadcopter with a First Person View (FPV) real-time camera. With practice it will do flips and rolls. Yes, your going to charge the batteries a lot learning, but it is so much fun. it has to flight modes for low speed and high speed. It does not have a headless mode. It has great nights for evening or night flights which are super bright. The manual gives great directions for trimmer control and adjustments for beginners. The slow speed on this is good for beginners. The battery takes about 1 1/2 hours to charge from dead to full and you get about 7 minutes flight time. This remote and drove connected first time easily for me. Please do read page 5 in the directions to sync them. if you do not get them connected and read the directions you will think your drone is broken when it is not.

The software for your phone is available at the website they direct you to in the manual for Android and the APP store for IOS users. The software installed first time very easy. The LCD readout on the controller, is your guide for trimmer, direction, how much charge you have left, mode, signal, if it is connected. You see real time on your phone screen if you install the software.

Overall, great for beginner and easier to fly than some other bigger drones. If you go to high speed, install the camera software for your phone and practice the FPV is cool. Again, not for young kids, so be safe, but they will learn by watching you and pick it up very fast so you can let them play with adult supervision. This is great for a parent or grandparent day to play with the kids and extra batteries are not expensive either. Happy flying and keep it out of the trees. Just adding this as some controllers you can't fit a larger size phone in the holder for FPV. I have an iPhone 6s Plus so it is pretty big, plus I have it in a heavy otterbox defender case. I can get my phone in the holder, it is tight and I have to be careful to not pull it apart to much, but it does fit and work fine. The app can be installed on an iPad or tablet, but you will not fit it on the controller to see them both at the same time.

I got this drone for my husband who loves to use RC related devices, we lost drone #1 so this is drone #2 and we are very happy with it so far. We flew this one at night and it was a lot of fun to see it all lit up like a UFO. When you receive this drone it will come with 1 DBPOWER X705C Quad copter with camera,1 Transmitter, 4 Propeller Guards, 2 Landing Gears, 1 3.7V 550mAh Lithium Battery, 4 Spare Propeller Blades, 12 Screws, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Battery Charger, and 1 User Manual. When you receive this you will have to do some light assembling which involves attaching the 4 propeller guards around the propellers. This is a nice sturdy drone we crashed it several times while trying to fly it in the dark and nothing broke on it. The drone has a lot of power so be sure to practice in a restricted area until you get the hang of it. We have not hooked this up to the phone yet so I do not know how well the camera works on this one. The control box for this takes 4AA batteries which are not included. The control has controls to go forward, backward, up, down, left, right, side ward flight, hovering, 360°rotation, and you can throw it to fly, just watch your fingers. This drone comes with one battery it takes about 2 hours to charge it and lasts about 6 to 8 minutes when being flown. There is an on/off switch on the drone to help save on battery power and the drone will. Overall I felt this was an awesome drone for the price, it handles well and it is great for an inexperienced drone pilot trying to get the hang of flying and does not have to be registered with the FAA because it is under the size and weight limits.

This is a really fun drone to fly. I think it is also a relatively easy one to fly. My 9 year old son was able to fly it on his own after just a few minutes of practice. It also comes with 4 spare propeller blades in case you lose or damage any of them.

It was very easy to connect the camera to my cell phone, then you are able to take pictures and video from the drone, which is awesome! It's so cool to see an overhead shot of your house and property. We tried to chase our cows with it, but they weren't intimidated, haha. The video I'm going to attach is a little bumpy, but it was pretty windy outside that day. Overall I really like this drone, very easy to use, set up, and takes great video/pictures.

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