Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 FPV Explorers2 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter Drone UFO with HD Wifi Camera (White)

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I bought this to try to take some pictures of camp sites and places to go. Having never flown anything like this before. Mine arrived and was immediately put in us the cart, we went to Baja for a fortnight. When we were on our trip, opening the package, assembled. There is a faint "rattle" of small part loose inside, but don't worry.

Unfortunately, we can't get the radio to link to the pilot. It'll just download all the lights flash like a low battery. (I tried everything I could think of getting a job, check that battery voltage was really good in the end to deal with this, a small black piece fell out of the wires. decided that he must have been improperly soldered, so I took the top off the pilot Board examined revealed a contact named "ants" with some solder, and the remains of prominent wires. figured antenna wire diverged, with a small section stripped and re solder it with my tiny-torch and some solder which Happened to be along. (Remember, I'm in Baja. Not connected to the Internet, a soldering iron, etc.)

Perfect! They bonded instantly like it's supposed to, and I was able to get it, and start to learn to fly. Not that hard, it just takes some practice. After three or four trips, I can probably do what I want, and now I'm working on FPV use to get some pictures and video. In the beginning I application works especially, and install another, but I think if not connecting via bluetooth technology properly. Since then I reinstall the app and I'm sure it will work.

For the price, this is a great product! She identified her pretty hard a few times now, with no damage so far. I'm about to switch high response control and re-learn to fly. Can afford even a gentle breeze on down. It's just not moving fast enough to keep, but very easy to fly in calm days on low.

Hopefully my broken antenna wire was a complete fluke, but I wasn't able to fix it on my own, since his return was not an option at the time.

Update 26/06/16: well, I'm getting better at flying, but useless for FPV flying already. First, in particular application FPV does not work on my phone, and comments on Google, it doesn't work on most phones for one reason or another. On my droid, WiFi connects well, but especially the application keeps defaulting to the start screen when I press start. I found another app looks very similar, and it seems to work, but there's about two seconds delay, which means you can take pictures, but not fly thing really because you're always 2 seconds behind what he's doing.

As for the images, and this one has a camera focus, which seems to be common. I found a tutorial on how to dismantle and focus it, but I haven't taken that step yet. Crystal clear picture in about 2 ' away, but anything beyond a somewhat blurry. Doesn't seem like it should dismantle the camera and solve this problem. The focus, and fairly obviously this one was out when it was set at the factory.

I give this 5 star Quad because of durability and how easy it is to work on/replacement parts. Also very cheap parts. That being said let me explain that I didn't purchase these drones from Amazon, I saw that they really like someone had thrown away in the apartment complex where I work in. "The motor burned out" I see a lot of complaints "burned out motors and makes me laugh because 1: engines and burnt out, and 2: replacement motors are cheap as $ 1.39 here on Amazon. Battery charged, and then run it to see what's wrong with it and soon realized that two feathers not spinning with others, so it took a closer look, removing one small screw, and saw at once that the gear motor is no longer consistent with gear for the blade (3) fixed easily by holding down the code even prepares its reorganization. After doing this for all of the blades "break" Quartet took off without trouble. Back in action! I think it's also important to say this is the first drone aircraft I ever flew!

He wanted one for some time so I was very happy to find one that someone was throwing out. This Quartet is very easy to fly (after a few minutes of getting used to it) and to my surprise that uncontrollable outside during snow and moderate winds. The camera was better than expected and there was no delay at all on the wireless transmitter to my super important to fly when you can't see a drone. (Sometimes it takes a while for my phone to connect to the wireless camera though) It takes about two minutes and 16 small screws take apart these drones and reveal the circuit board and wiring. Remove the two green and two red lights (picture 1) and replace them with one single white light at the front (picture 2) did this by cutting the wires to the lights, and link those to white, then drill a hole the size of the command window, and a new light. I did! It was fun and easy to play around with this and you are planning to do more.

Finally, I crashed this quadrilaterals in the snow, and down several flights of stairs, in my car, my cat, trees, mailboxes, name it crashed it several times, and have not even had to replace the blade. I'm ordering more batteries for this Quartet now, and about to get extra blades and motors for it because it's so cheap and I don't want to have done this flying Quartet! Take it from someone who pulled this Quartet of trash. I did not spend a dime, so they have no reason to lie or bend the truth. This helicopter is fun and cost of outstanding

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$49.98 - Buy Now

  • * 6-axis gyro based on 4 channels ensures a stable and fast flight
  • * Capable of 360° 3D rolling, and other technical actions
  • * Support cellphone control from Android smartphone and iPhone via Wi-Fi connectivity
  • * Headless mode avoids the difficulty of identifying the head and tail when you start to fly
  • * 500mAh battery, super long fly time
  • * Up to 50-meter long RC distance
  • * Left hand control, ideal for pilots of all skill levels
  • * USB charging for more convenience

  • * Helicopter Size: 31.5 x 31.5 x 10.5 cm
  • * Helicopter Weight: 119 g / 0.26 lbs
  • * Helicopter battery: 3.7V 500 mAh Li-polymer battery
  • * Controller battery: 4*1.5V AA Battery (not included)
  • * Charging time: about 90 - 120 minutes (USB Charging)
  • * Flying time: about 6-7 minutes
  • * Control distance: About 50 meters
  • * Support Phone Type: iOS / Android
  • * Real-time shooting funtion: Yes
  • * Headless mode: Yes
  • * Camera: 0.3MP
  • * FPV Wifi Transmission: 640*480P / 30FPS

Package Includes:

  • * 1 x X5SW-V3 Quadcopter
  • * 1 x Remote controller
  • * 1 x USB Charger
  • * 4pcs x Propeller
  • * 1 x Phone Grip
  • * 1 x Screw Driver
  • * 100% Brand New