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buy drone YUNEEC Typhoon H PRO Hexacopter with Intel RealSense, GCO3+ 4K Camera, and Backpack

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I was looking at the drones for some time, and I love the DJI 4 Phantom and then I saw the tornado Yannick h, but not reviews available and cannot be relied upon until now.

After a period of time to research I decided to go with cyclone h over 4 Phantom DJI because of two things, controller, and don't need the extra money to get the iPad or use your mobile phone. Typhoon controller h is a robot you can connect your wireless home and use it as a Tablet PC, I didn't know that. You can put a small SD card camera controller and edit movies right there haven't been able to access my files if (no instructions) I have to research too.

You can raise and lower the landing gear, and rotate the camera 360 degrees.

I am a first time user, so take my review as a newbie Start from the helicopter before it was fear in the beginning, you will be able to fly this thing or waste my money before crashing it.

You must say Hurricane h smooth where it plunged again and again with no issues, taking off and landing is the easy part, learn how to use the controls will take me some time, and there are plenty of options on the console, there are clear instructions detail not really any anywhere, such as videos with different setting on the controller, and how to respond, he must learn through trial and error, and wish the company or person who created some videos For amateurs like me.

If you have set up will follow you, you can see some videos on YouTube, avoiding an obstacle didn't try yet, afraid to go near the objects needed to get comfortable flying on him first, very good camera, pictures and footage as 4 awesome. If you care to speed fast enough for me I'm not looking forward to the race, or chasing anything, just take some pictures and quality videos. Overall quality of handicrafts are very good, and I hope they have some accessories available soon, I use two extra batteries, blades just want to be prepared for minor repairs and pregnancy, right now a month or two while waiting. Hopefully someone will put more details about flying.

While I didn't get the "Twister" from Amazon, actually I have my hands on my very own Hurricane H. Yannick it my first multi rotor (drone) and I must say that I did a great job capturing these drones.

For those that don't want to wait for the details below, here's the bottom line. Get it. Rock solid, stable, nimble, but also easy to fly. There are a few minor issues, but nothing hinders the safety or function or performance. Camera quality is great, extra functions with ST16 controller and an excellent GPS lock. Range suited to the legal use of this camera and when you receive your exemption section 333 is easy enough to reconfigure all your legal needs.

Now, a more in depth review here:

Out of the box and that is impressive – it's built but looks weird, almost as soon as it is extending the arms 6 and clicked in place. Then, clicking fans-3 each of the blades ' a ' and ' b ' after the color coordinated job-putting the code somewhere and give it a quick 1/4 turn up and lock in place. The next slide, the battery in place and remove the lock gimbley camera, and you are good to go.

But wait! I wasn't talking about other critical part of this package-ST16. And you have to have it running by you until the camera software. OK-here are the details. I had read everything right. This console is beautiful. It's pretty big, but not heavy. Are the measurements of x 6.75 "13" x1.5 ". The sides so that you can make the controller is a bit thicker and rounded for extra comfort. The Center is dominated by Android Tablet 7 ". Bright, crisp and clear and provide all relevant details of the pilot needs to navigate a drone, and control the camera. During the trip, cancels all other details fast on screen and double click provides only the display of the camera-very useful when trying to align the perfect shot. The left of the controller may have been ' plate that seem pulled right off the old school Nintendo system. Just to the right is the button to capture still images. The above Panel d is standard RC joystick. Out of the box, this is configured in mode 2 controls the stick and rudder elevation (up/down, rotate left or right). Above that is controls for camera panning-Twist handle and a couple of different keys for modes/different types of camera control. At the top left side of the big red button-this is the engine start/stop button and pretty explanatory.

On the right side is the most ' Panel and the button to start/stop video recording. Above that are RC joystick controls the pitch forward/back/right/left (basic direction control). Above that are flight modes switches (smart/angle), avoiding an obstacle. At the top on the right is the coolest switch-switch to the landing gear. Yes-it's just awesome. Two antenna on top of the controller to connect to the camera feed and the remote control. It's easy to fold away or fold open to flight operations. Backpack circular sliders two-one on the left controls the angle up/down the camera while one controls on the right to fair prices (speed) of the plane itself.

OK-now that all of that out of the way, it's time to fly! Kind of... The first power up the controller. Boot time is about 2 minutes, which seemed like hours when you're just excited to get this in the air. Once it's up, power begins in a drone by pressing the power button for a few seconds and wait while a drone starts making all sorts of cool sounds. Will Flash the lights and start the process will take another couple of minutes to finalize. During this time, the screen will show on the remote it is communicating with a drone fi live video feed. Once connected, you're fine, right? Not quite there yet. The last step calibration on the plane. Press "calibrate the GPS ' and then ' calibration icon on the controller. The lights will Flash two weapons. Holding one in each hand and rotate the drone away from you until the lights stop flashing. Will Flash two different lights so you can grab them, and repeat. Do this several times until the plane again refers to what it was when you started. Drone will beep indicating calibration is complete. OK-finally! And now it's time to fly!

Step away from the plane 15-20 feet, hold down the red button on the controller. The engine will start and you can slowly push on the left joystick to boot! Alternatively, you can also click on the button ' task ' remote control and click on the ' take off '. Once you have reached your desired height, take your fingers out of the control sticks and will simply hover the aircraft there.

This is my first ever drone, not sure I fit given play play how to control drones. I'd say it's a very simple

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