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Drone Luxon Quark RC Quadcopter 4 Channel 2.4 GHz 6-axis Gyro ,Mini Drone RTF GD50F (Red)

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1. bumping refused to design under the motor, it will not be very easily broken.

2.6-axis gyro keeps Quadcopter stable in all conditions.

3.3 setting the pace and push-button 360 degree aerial acrobatics reels. It turns 90 degrees and 180 degrees and do acrobatic 360 degrees forward and backward flips.

4.2.4-GHz radio system, you don't worry about interference signals, and you can fly many of these simultaneously. And it can control many of the drones.

5. with three different speed settings and the ability to perform acrobatic aerial 360 degree rolls with a push of a button, quad a little bit quick this is great for the advanced beginner pilots. Propeller guards is included to protect you from bumps while quad & practice flying you, making it easier for pilots to learn how to fly!

6. micro quadcopter is small enough to fly around the room without difficulty (too much), and 2.4 G digital controller has a range of 100 + meters so you can take it outside and fly as far as you can't even see it anymore!

7. wheel of propeller guards (Removable wheel to scroll anywhere: on the floor, wall or in ceiling)

8. quality, CE EN62479 EMC and RoHS approved, even quadcopter fell into the water, it can still fly after dry it.

Small drone is so cool. First, I should mention that it is not a full size drones, which I already know but I want to be clear to others reading this. I read through a lot of the buzz this past Christmas and I have a hard time figuring out what to buy. So I waited ... but my brother bought one (more expensive) but its not comparing this little beast.

So the buzz is suitable in the Palm of my hand. It seems to be constructed with quality materials. We've been running into the wall a few times and it still happens. When I opened the box I was surprised that it comes with wheels and wings for additional drone. It also comes with a battery for the remote. I have bought this for my little girl for her birthday, but as soon as she opened her when her father takes over. Wakakak. He swears he has just tried to teach him but I think he is in love with the drone itself. At least I know what to get him for the next birthday.

Anyway, after everything is ready to get on the wings begin to spin a little led lights on and ready to go. It was so freaking funny. My husband's been flying all over the House with my daughter chased all around. Sweet as hell. He kept trying to fly it in my head and the man was putting some strength. This really put a lot of air. After a while he learned to start keeping it stable and actually do what he wanted. It takes a bit of practice. I would suggest you use this outside and not inside the House because he ran into a couple of things when we first turned. Anyway, comparing this to my brothers and sisters of the same amount of battery lasts about 7 minutes. But this only takes 30 minutes to fill up! It's amazing. ((My older brother took 4 hours)) I really think this is easier to use and have a better control. Anyway this item is worth every penny. I saw this as a great bonding experience for my husband and my son. I have never had a drone before, so I'm very happy to have sent one at a discount for a review.

Drones are small and fit to be a pawn of the hand, but don't let its small size fool you, it was a ton of fun! Drone itself charged by include the USB cable, while the remote control is powered by 2xAAA batteries. The couple is easy: turn on the unit, and moving both control sticks to the bottom right corner and wait to hear a beep; After the hearing, moving the throttle the top left then down; the blade should spin drone response, you're ready to go! The left stick controls the throttle (high) and you can use it to change the title of the drone; right stick move drone horizontally. Instruction manual left something to be desired (broken enough United Kingdom) but the drone is simple enough for me to figure out on my own. Flight time is about 4-5 minutes when charging time is approximately 20 minutes. I believe this is a drone that is perfect and safe way to learn, especially when the blade 1) and 2 small) is protected by the surrounding plastic bumper. I'm pretty happy with the buzz it!

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