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Buy Drone - HUBSAN H107D X4 Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera (Special Black Edition - Tekstra Brands Exclusive!!) **EXTRA BATTERY INCLUDED**

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my opinion FPV X 4-H107D is one of the best mini-planes in my opinion FPV X 4-H107D is one of the best mini aircraft on the market today. the market today. Although X 4 it looks like almost all other X 4, it is truly amazing the drone loaded with so many features that stand out above any other mini I have ever flown. Personally I like the flat black color because of the type of looks "mean and difficult", that is it. This head frame is very durable. The controller is really AWESOME! After reading the manual operation I took X 4 for flight (in fact, some flight!) The binding of the drone and the controller is quite simple and takes only a few seconds. The display on the controller gives you a bird's eye view of the crystal clear what the drone sees. HOW COOL! Just insert your SD card into the controller by pressing a button and you are ready to record some video in REAL TIME is spectacular! As if that wasn't enough, there's a plug for connecting to the video glasses too! (I should get a pair!) Take flight for the first time is a riot! Wow! The way X 4 H107D flies is very impressive. 6 axis gyro makes for a smooth and very stable flight. It just hovers in front of me without moving. After a little practice flight in the vicinity of the park I play up to speed and let me tell you this drone come to life in a big hurry! Yaw rate increased dramatically and the controls are very sharp, instantly react to every movement of the joystick. This mini drone also quickly! Agility and maneuverability is exceptional. I admit that I hammered this drone is very hard with some insane stunts but it was done without a single flaw. I'll post my video in the next day or two the weather allows.

In my honest opinion and objective, I don't see any "down side" to her Husban X 4 H107D FPV at all. This is the mini drone of my own best hands down. I flew it almost every day and I ABSOLUTELY love it! It is certainly a winner in my book and I would highly recommend this to everyone buzzing of all skill levels. Her husban X 4 H107D FPV will bring you many hours of great fun! I give 10 stars! Fantastic!

This Quadcopter is small but strong. Definitely fun for the whole family. This durable and easy to operate. It went very far and surprisingly subtle flys. I like the style and overall quality.

The Tribunal has been facilitated. Arrives fully assembled and ready to fly. Comes with an extra propeller and an extra battery. The controller requires 4 AA batteries. I would recommend rechargeable batteries.

The video quality is great. You can even insert a microSD card to the controller to capture the footage. Again this goes very smoothly. Probably the best Palm-sized Quadcopter I own. I would recommend installing the landing gear.

User Guide teaches you how to control and operate the Quadcopter. You can also look on YouTube for more help. You'll thank me later. But in all honesty the practice makes perfect. This Quadcopter in particular is easy to operate.

Quadcopter great for beginners, amateurs and professionals. I love the small size and durability. The controller also looks pretty durable. I would definitely recommend it. I received it at a discount for my honest review.

-Easy operation
-Fully assembled

-Quadcopter has no on/off switch (battery must be unplugged when not in use) INCLUDING -Quadcopter
-2 batteries
-Charging cable
-A spare propeller
-Protection ring

I own a few hubsan quadcopters and I think this one is the best. To be honest the transmitter also know as the controller takes the cake for me. The LCD screen is super big and the picture shows up in colorful and clear. Inside my box I there were two batteries, one with the extra blades and another inside the quad-copter. I got about 8 mins of flight time with one battery so the extra one comes in handy. I love the build of the quad I think it have a carbon fiber feel and look to it. Like I said when I started I own a few hubsans but this one flies smooth like butter. The yaw rate, pitch and banking are all superb. You can change rates from easy to expert mode. The transmitter have a slot for a micro SD card, which allows you to record your flight. I think that would be one of my complaints, the camera should have the sd slot to get a true picture and not a recording of the transmitter. Over all the camera capture decent video and pictures. Since the quad flies indoors and out you could capture different settings.

A great flier and good camera, equals a win/ win if you asked me. Five stars out of five.

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