Buy Drone DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera

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DJI Phantom

Automatic flight Assistant

Flying with absolute freedom and confidence, knowing the Phantom 3 standard will be returned to you pressing a button.

Your flying camera

Put the camera in the sky makes everything you capture more interesting and fun to watch.

View from the top

See exactly what your camera is seeing with HD video feeds right on your mobile device.

Intuitive, powerful flight

Enjoy the thrill of flight as You speed through the air. Strong and responsive motor that sends you soaring right in the path of the Phantom as you want.

The main control

Full control with the remote in your hand built specifically for Phantom 3 standard.

A unique Mobile application

Snap photos and recording videos with just press thanks to the mobile application that turns your device into the surveillance cameras, the flight cockpit.

You will need to download the user guide from the website under the FAQ link & specifications. You'll refer to often in the beginning and will answer all your questions concerning the operation of Phantom and Remote. Download the .zip file and extract, such as exposed do not seem to want to download. You will also need to download the application go DJI using QR code in quick start guide front cover as you can get by going directly to Google Play Store would not contain the serial number of your Phantom and you will not be able to register Your app or use a drone to fly. It would be nice if the DJI has provided important goods or at least a clue about how to get them but they are not. You will also need to have the usb view cost of cubes. DJI provides usb cable mini usb but not cube. If you already have one to make sure it's 5v-1amp charge cubes. Duracell Coppertop batteries if it does not make a set of 2 cubes. One is for AC is 12v DC for your vehicle for $ 6. I got mine from a battery rack at Walmart but I'm sure Amazon has them too. This is a good charger and will charge You much up to 100% in about 2 hours. Flight battery comes with the charger itself and will be charged in 1 1/2 hours.

The good news is the remote battery will outlast at least 2 flight battery charge. This would be my advice to also buy a second flight battery if you can afford it. The flight battery will shut off when fully charged and the remote will show green light status. Be patient and fully charge the battery when you read the user manual. Recommend accessories that are very affordable and well worth the money-back pack case. Amazon backpack Senka DJI Phantom 4 for $ 35 and match everything and well made and does not cost a lot. I would also recommend the Summitlink prop Guard ($ 15 at Amazon that will afford you many times more than the cost of replacing the props as you learn.

Another $ 15 you'll get a parabolic antenna copper Skyreat from Amazon that will double its range both send and receive radio signals from drones. Other items are very useful and inexpensive is DJI Phantom 2 cm remote control strap. This is a nice white neck strap with the DJI logo and attached to a loop of rope on the remote $ 5 in Amazon and allows you to keep your remote and eliminate strain on the hands and arms when flying for a long time. Phantom 3 is the best I have ever drone fly. Will take off smoothly with the touch of a button on the app. steady as a rock and hover around 4 feet from the ground waiting for your next command. These respond directly and accurately for all commands and can be flown by anyone. It acquires a lock on GPS satellites within seconds and works perfect app.. This gives visual and audio alert for low battery and even instruct you how and when Compass calibration is complete. A large drone pilots continued and the beginning. The camera on the Phantom 3 standard. I can take a picture of my house from 400 ft. and put the micro sd card in my computer and enlarge the photo and see the individual strands of grass on my page! I can't imagine what the camera on the professional model can capture! If you are debating whether or not to spend the extra money the ghost I would encourage you to go for it. You'll never look back!

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